Improve Selection Tool and Transform

  1. Please add a Lasso Selection, the current Rectangle Selection is a bit hard to use for specific shapes selection.
  2. Also include the Add Selection (by holding down [Shift]) and Remove Selection (by holding down [Ctrl]) it will make it easier to select rather than have to reselect many times just to get the desired selection.
  3. Adding Rotation(by holding down [Space]+[Shift]) and Flip Horizontally or Flip Vertically(maybe by a pop-up box for selection options appear when right-clicking the selection) on the selected object would be helpful to make work at ease.

I’ve seen and use these functions above in some of the drawing software and also applied to other animation programs too, so I hope these functions will be soon added in Pencil2D. So far, Pencil2D is my preferred animation software for a frame-by-frame drawing animation tool!

@AionArtys Hi. Thank you for taking the time to outline your suggestions. Let me answer each point as thoroughly as I can:

  1. We are aware of this, it’s actually been requested a lot since the beginning, but basically how open-source development works is that until one of the devs wants and can work on this it won’t happen just yet as sometimes there can be more pressing issues regarding the software stability :sweat_smile: and we can’t force them to work on specific things. Besides other times developers try to undertake big enough features that have been prioritized due to users demand so it takes a lot of time only to finish a single feature, hence we understand that progress might seem slow as well.

  2. This is a great idea. I think this is in the feature roadmap but i’ll verify later and add it if it’s not there :smiley:

  3. You can currently rotate the canvas by pressing Space + Alt and left-clicking & dragging on the canvas. Space + Ctrl zooms

  • You can rotate a selection by using the Move tool image inside the selection and dragging while pressing the CTRL key
  • You can flip a selection horizontally or vertically by going to Edit > Selection > Flip X/Y We already have a pending task to move this to a more suitable part of the software along adding shortcuts for it.

Also please consider next time using the search bar on the Ideas category to browse features that have been nominated before and subscribe your suggestion to an existing thread, otherwise it’s hard to keep track of duplicate features. Of course we also have to do some house keeping here as there are too many repeated suggestions already :sweat_smile:

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