Importing Audio Error

I am trying to import a 5 second long audio however near the end it cuts out abruptly. For example, if the audio says “i eat, they eat, you eat the ice” but when the audio reaches “you”, the audio simply cuts out before that part, leaving only “I eat, they eat, y-” and I have attempted to try to import the audio again, as well as put slide markers near the end but that has not worked. I am using WAV files as mp3 files refuse to work. Any help would be appreciated!

@Jason_Goldenrod Hi. This problem has been recently reported as is currently under investigation… We had a similar issue in the past that was definitely fixed, but I’m unsure why this is happening now since it’s not affecting every user but only a few.

If the problem is similar, what I did before to workaround it was to copy a very tiny sound wave part to create an inaudible mark at the end of the file using audacity (or your preferred audio editor), this should make Pencil2D recognize that it needs to get to the last part of the sound.

Note also that this problem doesn’t even happen with all sounds or all systems, it has to be a specific combination, and it usually happens under Windows 10. If you’re using any other OS please let us know as well.

If it’s possible for you could you send us a copy of the file that’s causing you trouble too? Preferably the original version of the file that always exhibits the problem so I can ping the developers to improve the chances of fixing this issue.

The original audio was from this video: The audio clip that was bugged on pencil2d was at 2:58 to 3:03 I sadly don’t have any audio editors at the moment but I’ll look into those in the future. Thank you!

@Jason_Goldenrod I’m unfortunately swamped with work in my day job, but if you want I’ll gladly try to replicate your issue with the sound you linked next week.

If the sound was downloaded from YT maybe the converter or downloader you used might have introduced some additional byte information (though it’s just a broad guess) that makes Pencil2D unable to read the file properly. If you used any specific download program (e.g youtube-dl) please let us know.

As for audio editors Audacity ( is open source and widely used. It’s also available for all major platforms and has a portable version in cae you just want to try it out.

I use ytmp3 for converting a link to an mp3 and then I use Evano to turn that mp3 into a wav file, if that helps any.

If you want to then you can try to replicate the situation, but you don’t have to!

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