Import layers into a project

I’ve been importing a layer into a new project today. The first two attempts ended in a Pencil2D crash.

I have done some tests and my conclusion is that I attempted to use a functional within Pencil2D, before the import was complete.

It would help is Pencil2D could indicate when the import was completed. I feel this is important because different hardware works at different speeds.

@AnimatorElisa Hi Elisa, make sure you are using version 0.6.6 which was released in February. The previous version had an issue where importing multiple layers in sequence would crash the software but this was fixed in the latest version.

On the other hand if you were using 0.6.6 and it still gave you a crash, please describe in detail what steps you took so it would crash, that way I can report it to the developers and hopefully find a fix soon.

Related to the idea for a PCLX layer import loading bar i’ll take note and submit a report to the developers later on so it can be discussed. Thanks!

I used 0.6.6 to create the project that I was importing the layer into and to create the project from which the imported layer came from.

If I allowed sufficient time to elapse no problem occurred. If I was in a hurry the crash occurred.

When saving files in Pencil2D there’s a indicator of the progress, if this was implemented when importing files, I feel this would solve the problem.

@AnimatorElisa Understood, thank you for your description :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll recommend this to the developers and see to open a ticket in order to prevent crashes due to unresolved import loading.


This problem came as a shock to me 0.6.6 is excellent program. It generally does exactly what is says on the box.

Elisa Kivi

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