Import image sequence based on filename

(David Lamhauge) #1

Some animators, like myself, still animate on paper and scan the drawings, import them and finish the work in Pencil2D or similar software.
Say I have an animation with a person who listens, blinks, and turns his head.
I have two layers ‘Head’ and ‘Eyes’, and my drawings are called ‘Head01’, ‘Head49’, ‘Head51’ and so on. The same with the eyes.
It could be a nice feature, if Pencil2D could place all ‘Head’-drawings on the ‘Head’-layer, at the corresponding frame numbers.
I don’t know how many would use this feature, but I certainly would. Maybe I should try to implement it myself…:thinking:

(Jose Moreno) #2

Yes! I think it would be great If Pencil2D could import based on a numbering sequence and assign it to the appropriate frame as well.

  • Such feature should probably import each filename-based sequence on it’s own layer, using the alphabetical part of the string to rename the create layer.
  • It would probably require a small interface give proper layer order upon import too.
  • Also it would be great if we had customizable rules for importing the sequence. For example, let’s say we have the Head000.png and Eye_0001.png. It should allow us to customize how many digits can be received (instead of crashing or something else) and to differentiate the name from the numbering and a possible separator(s) as well.

Something to consider as well would be that since the current internal naming of an image sequence goes like layerIndexPosition.frameNumber.fileType I think there should be an internal conversion to this nomenclature, but I don’t know if we should let the program do that (since it does already) or force it to happen before importing.

(David Lamhauge) #3

Animators who are going to use this feature are organized people, compared to the happy-go-lucky guy who opens Pencil2D and starts animating.
For this reason we maybe could set rules for filenaming? Layer name + four digits + ‘.png’, or whatever recognizable fileformat is used?
Layer name should of course be the same on all files, and valid numbers are from ‘0001’ to ‘9999’.