I'm waiting eagerly! :))

Hello, I would like to share a few ideas I have for pencil2D!

Before I start, I would recommend you look at clip studio paint’s animation features, I’m sure you could gain a lot of information from there!
1: Layer opacity
Some people (including me) LOVE the feature of layer opacity in art programs. I think this feature could potentially make the animation experience better in Pencil.
2: More different kinds of tools.
More specifically brushes. Again, I love clip studio paint’s brushes and would love to see more brushes added to Pencil!
3:Adding a navigator.
Most art programs have these and they are extremely useful when drawing, they usually include the basic features of zooming, rotating, etc. Also flipping the canvas. I am aware that you can still do this in Pencil, but it’s not as easy and smooth as most would like it.
4. Improving stabilization.
The stabilization option is VERY limited, and so I would like to request a larger scale of stabilization. I use stabilization when creating lineart and the stabilization Pencil currently has DOESN’T help.
5. The smoothness of working
On the topic of smooth lines, my tablet doesn’t seem to be able to create as smooth lines in Pencil as it does in clip studio or any other art program. I’m unsure if this is a software problem or tablet problem, but I’m asking you to look into it.
6. Audio
This is simply just me asking to be able to cut audio. I am aware that you can export the animation and the audio auto cuts with the animation, but sometimes I wanna add other audio in the middle of the first audio and not have the two overlap. I don’t really want to go into an audio editing program and fix it each time.
7. Move tool
I would love to be able to move a frame around without having to select it over and over just simply using the move tool.
8. Selection.
I would love to be able to deselect directly instead of going into the menu all the time. Yet again, look at clip studio paint’s selection tool and options. As well as different kinds of selection tools.
9. copying frames.
This feature would be so, so INCREDIBLY useful to have. Just copying a frame into the next one and all of that.
10. Project resolution and size.
Again, most (if not all) art programs have this. I really want to change the size of my project.

You may be wondering why I’m not just using clip studio to animate instead because I praise the HECK out of it. Well, you can’t go past 25 frames in Clip studio pro, you’d have to upgrade to EX and I’m too broke for that :)) I am very excited to see Pencil2D grow! :DD

Hi @Heilyx, and thanks for the suggestions.
You’re right. I really wonder why you don’t just buy Clip Studio. That seems like the right solution.
Regarding Pencil2D, we have no desire to be like “most programs”. Some of your suggestions are about to be implemented, while others are not and will not be implemented. We have no plans on adding audio (or video) editing into Pencil2D.
My best advice right now is to be “waiting patiently” in stead of “waiting eagerly”

That’s for writing down your ideas, most of them have been thought of already or is WIP, like @davidlamhauge said though, we’re not trying to be or copy other programs, on the contrary, we want pencil2d to be its own thing. If you need a more complete suite for your animation needs, then TvPaint or Clip Studio Paint are very good, but also not free.

1: Layer opacity is on our todo list but it’s not going to be implemented in our current timeline, a new one is WIP and there will be a slider to change layer opacity.

2: Another thing that is WIP but not quite done yet, we’re integrating mypaint brushes, so this is coming.

4: This is on my TODO list to improve, but it’s a low priority.

6: This has been requested many times before, it’s not a high priority but it’s our wish to provide simple audio manipulation.

9: Copying frames is coming, both via normal copy/paste commands but also a more advance dialog.

10: This is possible already, double-click on the camera to change the size. You don’t change the size of the project per see but the size and resolution of the camera. The canvas is infinite compared CSP, photoshop and the like which has a fixed size.

Oh, I see! I understand, and I can’t blame you. I’ll be waiting patienly.

Oooh, I see. Thank you! :DD

Can’t you just click somewhere else on the screen and the selection box disappears? That’s what I do when selecting copying and pasting.

Haha, yeah I only very recently figured that one out.

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