I'm unable to download the Pencil2D because "Your WInZip trial has ended"

I have Windows 7 and am trying to download Pencil2D however whenever it finishes and I open it, it’ll come up with a message saying “Your WinZip trial has ended” and ask me to buy a membership. I’m unsure if this is a bug but it also happened when I was downloading a launcher for my drawing tablet. I want to know a way to fix it, if there is one, because I don’t exactly have 64.00 dollars spare to buy WinZip’s membership.

@WolfGaming WinZip expiring has nothing to do with Pencil2D. When downloading pencil2d you are only obtaining a ZIP file from the website, but that is the file format. It ahs nothing to do with the program that opens the file format itself. How you extract a ZIP file is up to you in the sense that you are free to extract it however you want. Windows file explorer can open ZIP files and extract it without WinZip.

Also WinZip isn’t the only program available to extract ZIP files. You could use the free 7-zip (www.7-zip.org) which is as good, if not better than WinZip and it support several types of compressed files to manipulate. And well, it’s free.

Just in case i’ll say this. Pencil2D is an open-source volunteer collaboration project and it has NO affiliation with any ZIP file third party program of any kind. You as the end user are assumed to be able to open these files on your own. Everything said here, related to third party programs that you can use however is only a recommendation and you are not obligated in any way to follow our advice.

Also Pencil2D is provided free of charge, free to use and free to manipulate as you see fit, but is also provided “as-is” so we take no responsibility on how you use the software, or if it fails to work for you.

If Pencil2D does not run on your machine, we’ll try our best to help you out so it works as permitted by technology, but when you download the program you are implicitly accepting the GPLv2 license and we are not liable for any action you take that results from your use of the software.

Ah, thank you. I’ll download the launcher now. I appreciate you taking time out of your day
to inform me of such information!

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