Ideas For More Precise Features

I had a few ideas for new features that could reduce the difficulty of animating that could be added in the next update.

The first of which is where multiple frames could be selected, then grouped or categorized. That would make organizing scenes and or duplication of sequences easier.

my second idea was a preview-rotation meter. This can be seen in other programs like Krita or FireAlpaca. It could make drawing complex angles easier or more comfortable.

My third idea would be for better anti-aliasing, or some sort of automatic-under-layer coloring. The fill-tool when used on bitmap frames does a poor job at filling within outlines.

Let me know if any of these ideas sound feasible. I’m still digging the program.

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These are worth it to make into pencil2d!

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Hey there, filmmaker here!

I agree with the third idea; better aliasing and some sort of automatic-under-layer coloring.

Currently and sadly, the fill tool is not exactly good for filling within the drawn outlines. Also, the vector coloring doesn’t seem to work either. For me, when I color the cels/drawings, after I finish the rough animation, I would do the clean-up animation, which is tracing over the rough drawings (which were done with the pencil tool) to make clean drawings (with the ink tool), then I would export the individual keyframes (all the drawings) as .png files for clean black and white images to import into Inkscape. This allows me to trace the keyframes to vector outlines, coloring in the cels, and exporting them as transparent .png files so they can be used for compositing later on. Of course, I would have to do this process for one cel at a time.

Good thinking though. I am a fan of Pencil 2D and Peter Griffin from Family Guy along with Homer Simpson from The Simpsons.

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