Ideas for a more versatile GUI

I was very much enjoying the modular nature of your software I have moved all the tool boxes from the left over to the right now in tablet mode I can easily reach all the brush, colour and ghost settings. But there is a lot still over on the other side which can be quite uncomfortable to reach over to a lot with your gripped stylus/pen. I just thought it might be a relatively simple thing to do adding some more functionality to the modular window system you have so I could get more menus to move over to the right side or be detachable to move. Like the file, edit… menus…

Anyway just thought it was neat and you could expand a bit more in that area as it works very well!


Hi Jmand

In the nightly build, it’s possible to move everything except the timeline. if your goal is to have everything on the left or right side, that’s possible.

It might not be obvious but you can drag all the menu items by their 3 dots handle next to them, allowing you to create something like this.


If you read the OP I say I want it all over to the right obviously if it was the left there would not be any suggestion.

I am using my right hand with my stylus and want to be able to reach everything with my right hand without reaching over. Was just a suggestion as only the tool windows will move not any menus or the timelines layers…etc…

I believe I have moved everything possible will attach.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. What I meant to show, is that the logic is the same, be it on the left or right side, top or bottom. I could have shown you the same layout to the right like this.

It’s the screen resolution that determine how many widgets you can have next to, below or above each other. Sometimes you also have to fiddle with the docking of existing widgets, in order to get it how you want but it is possible.

In your case it may be that the timeline widget takes up too much space, thus not allowing you to dock more into the same area.

hi there still is a mis understanding

I have done what you have shown in the photo

I am saying it would be good to be able to put the remaining parts over to the right, the file menu and layers… this is my point.

I previously showed you that you can indeed also move top menu items to the left or right side for that matter, if you want. :slight_smile:

I also mentioned, the only thing you can’t move are the individual widgets in the timeline, since that’s one component. ie. you can’t detach the Layers or Keyframe buttons because they’re part of the timeline component. if that’s what you’re asking, fair enough, that’s not possible.

Hi sorry I see this now. My mind is not clear today. That is great I will play with this. When I tried to move the menus on the top along to the right they won’t stay in the top line, in the same place vertical but moved over the right horizontal line.

I will play around with it later.

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