(Idea) Transparency options and object path tween

Perhaps a option where you can edit the transparency of a layer and selection of objects?
For example:
-Making a sketch layer that either is vector or rough drawn and being able to edit the layers transparency.

Possibly a pop up window with a transparency slider for the layer that can be seen taking effect in real time. This could also be applied for the selected are one as well.

Object path auto tween, making a path or curve of which the object follows, perhaps just the whole kwy frame making it auto follow for a set amount of frames…

Those being my lil’ ideas Owo
(btw, I don’t know if these have been requested due to the layout of the website being a bit confusing and me being a noob)

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For me is very need - the layers and frames transparency and possibility to merge a layers.

@ariadna AFAIK these features are on their way, and will be implemented within the next 3-4 months

@ariadna Hi. We are aware of this, and while full individual layer opacity control will not come until much later (and after the timeline has been re-written froms cratch) soon we’ll bring back an old feature that was disabled due to our lack of knowledge about Pencil2D when we first got into the project. That is the “Light Table Mode”

For more info on how it will work take a look at this issue on our dedicated developer forum:

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About Tween.
For me tweening is not so necessary, but it would be better if user can apply an camera layer for each layer separate. For instance - the girl wait the buss on street. The buss is coming (bus layer), and the girls does stand still (girl layer). I would if I can activate (make visible) only bus layer, then go to Camera layer and setup the tween - zoom in the buss layer because the bus 'growing" when it comes near to camera. Then I activate the Girl Layer and she stands still on the first line without “growing”

Quick paint for explanation


@ariadna Actually I presented a similar idea to the team chat last year.

I’ve also considered having the possibility of using the camera to independently move specific layers, pretty much like pegs in software like Toonboom Harmony or Opentoonz, would benefit the program. However we have yet to discuss the best approach to this.

Is it better to just create pegs and leave the camera layer? If we have multiple cameras how we address their effect on each other, because currently every camera you add has an “additive” effect on the other cameras. Also, it would be good if each selected drawing could move on their own if embedded in a “group” similar to how Flash symbols worked, so this could be thought even for bitmap layers.

There are many elements we need to sort out before making the proper request. But we will take into consideration your comments for future reviews on these issues. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I think both are pretty good ideas, auto tween is so coool to use. It must be great to see it in Pencil2d

For me is very necessary the transparency of layers. It will be incredible helpful in the work.
Also about the Camera layer. For my opinion there is god to make camera influence for each layer separately. It can be only one camera layer but user can set it for each layer.

I have written about this once time, the example with the waiting character on the buss-stop.

Another example is with spaceship.
tree layers: 1)space, 2) planet, 3) starship.
It would be grateful if user can set separately:

Camera for space layer - twenning rotate for illusion to space movement
Camera for planet layer - tweening growing because we becoming closer to it
Camera for spaceship layer - tweening get smaller because star ship is flying away

This is the examples of start and last frames should be in results:




If use want to set camera rotation foe space and for planet simultaneously, user can set this two layers visible and set camera to rotate. after that. make invisible space and set camera only for planet to grown up