Idea shapes

I think the devs should add a feture that we should had from the beggining (before 5.4.0 i had beta back then but no using it) a lot of shape like circles triangles
square ect. i hope my idea will make it through i think i was sugested on the past? im not sure. bye ^^

shapes* and squares* my english are bad sry :slight_smile:

@mrge0rgi Hi George. Like I answered before to your previous post. Yes. This is something devs are well aware of. It will just take time to implement it due to the scarce human resources that Pencil2D has.

You’re more than welcome to visit the Official Roadmap which was published a few days ago.

This roadmap has many feature requests that were collected with a great deal of effort by interviewing community members, artists and other users of Pencil2D.

It is still in progress and not a comprehensive list, but is definitely a solid guide to what Pencil2D will become in the future.