[Idea] Pencil 2D for tablets

I do understand that it takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to develop for Pencil2D, which is why i can see this near the end of the roadmap, but what if Pencil 2D was built for tablets (iOS/ Android/ Windows Tablet/ Linux Tablet)? I made a mockup design for it below, and I can see a mobile app helping us users who dont have the equipment to get serious with the software or who would like to animate on the go without having to need a 2-in-one laptop/tablet hybrid. For those who need pressure sensitivity, people could just buy an active stylus instead of an entire drawing tablet. Overall, this feature is not too important, but would be neat to see implemented.

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@velocireed Thank you for taking a first step to contribute to this idea! Hopefully in a not-so-distant future we might be able to tackle such development. For now we’ll have to wait, but these kind of posts are really important as it helps to provide visibility to such requests and to guide potential contributors into considering more plausible solutions :slightly_smiling_face: