(Idea) delete background of objects like images

Hello, I have an Idea, mayebe you read my other ideas to. I do that to help pencil2d. This idea is thought by myself. My idea was to be able to remove background of objects like this: image

Here you see that the background of this icon is purple. So my idea was to be able to remove the purple part. I make animator vs animation for fun so if I make my animation it looks a little bit unrealistic if I move an app icon and it doesn’t match the background of the canvas. If there is already an option to do that I would like to know. thanks for reading

@animator This is called chroma-keying in other apps. By itself it’s not something that might be added in Pencil2D. I have requested a similar feature in the past, but it’s a low priority one.

Right now the latest version available for download has a way to replace specific colors in all frames, but it does not replace transparency (so you can’t use it to replace a solid color for a transparent color) However I hope this can be enhanced in the near future.

Right now you’ll have to use either a video editor chroma effect or Krita with their “color to alpha” effect.

okay thank you. Keep the work up!

do u mayebe know a program that can do that after finishing my video?

@animator Openshot is a simple and free video editor that has such effect (chroma key).

I also mentioned Krita because it has the color to alpha filter and it can work for image sequences too.

okay thanks, but my laptop has a parental lock on it if I download apps. I got this laptop from my college. I can’t download apps without a username or password. To do so I have to ask permission and I don’t know if they will agree or not. Are there any online programs like openshot?

@animator unfortunately no, video editors are not really the kind of software that runs in a cloud. You could try shotcut or kdenlive windows portable versions, those should be able to run from a USB stick, but it’s a bit of trial and error from that point on.

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