I want to be a developer in pencil2D

ah… i know to program a little bit (i have learned javascript and i think i can learn others too)

then i visited your contribute development site and need to download qt framework to develop features (which needs 2gb and i dont have that much space becoz already my pc is slow ,thats why i use pencil 2d because its light weighted)

is there any other way to program in pencil2d and add some more cool features

Hello and thank you for your interest. The Qt framework is an integral part of Pencil2D, and it is impossible to compile the application without it. It should be noted that the space it takes up is hard drive space, which should not slow down your computer unless you are close to completely filling it up, in which case installing it would not be a good idea.

There is no way to practical way to develop Pencil2D without Qt, however there are a few other things you can do to contribute. You can contribute to the website which is also open source. We do not have anything that we actually need done on the website right now, but if you have ideas for improvements you are welcome to suggest/implemnt them. You could also improve our user or developer documentation. If you are fluent in another language, you can contribute to Pencil2D’s translations.

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yeah i think i could do something else like u said

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