I think you need a new section in this discussion!

Hi Pencil2d

I think you need a ‘Tips and Hints section’ for users to pass on useful observations about getting the best from Pencil2d.

Hi @Diane ,

I’m not quite sure what you’re aiming at, but I’ll recommend our Discord server: Pencil2D if you want a place discuss how to get the most from Pencil2D.

There you’ll find a faq-read-first-channel with all kinds of answers to trivia questions about Pencil2D, a general-channel for tips, hints etc, and a help-me-channel for specific problems with Pencil2D that you encounter. And there are numerous other channels for showing your work, collaborate etc.

I was just saying, add a ‘Hints and Tips’ heading to the above page.

@Diane Hi. Thank you for your suggestion.

The #support category is meant for questions & usage advice related to Pencil2D. Most guides or workflow advice is meant (but not restricted) to be added to this section as well.

I think it’s acceptable to also consider “tips”, “tricks” or “hints” related to Pencil2D as a software, and as an animation tool, as a type of information that is welcome to be had in this category.

What I would ask beforehand however, is that If you or anyone else that intends to host “tips & hints” is going to continuously post various “tips & hints” in the future, instead of creating multiple threads for individual tips, it’s recommended to create a single thread (e.g “Diane’s Pencil2D Tips & Hints”)

It’s simpler to add each new “tip” as a separate post within the same thread. That way any user interested in the information can bookmark the thread. AFAIK this also helps so the user posts won’t be counted as spam by the forum automated helper I think :thinking:

On the other hand, It is my personal suggestion to also put on a disclaimer, that explains why and how each tip has worked for you so it’s clear how you used them to solve a particular creative problem you had at the time. This helps other users to focus on the utility of each tip.

Lastly, It’s also worth mentioning that sharing the tips does not mean that any given Pencil2D user will necessarily or automatically acknowledge or even use them. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get comments or constructive criticism in advance.

Thank you for your interest in this topic, and once again for your suggestions.

Best regards,

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Thanks Jose

I now have access to Discord. I had problems, with Discord, in the past because I’m don’t always use a fixed IP address or location.

@Diane It’s alright, you are not required to use Discord in any capacity. The Pencil2D community has different hubs where users can communicate if they want to. It’s their choice and I’m sure David only offered that as an alternative.

I personally think for sharing information that’s persistent it’s better to use the forum, particularly if you want the information you share or read to be easily accessible without any additional software or accounts.

As mentioned before the appropriate category for sharing Tips & Hints would be the #support section (Installing Pencil2D / How-to)

We will need to update the descriptions for the sections to better reflect this, but there should not be any restriction when posting at the specified section.

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