I think this shoud happen

I think u should add a circle tool or maybe a selection pen.

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And maybe make it so you can have an outline for the brush tool.

Not sure about the rest, but they’ve mentioned possibly implementing shape tools, I think it’s on the list of stuff the may add in the future after they’ve fixed current bugs n what not.

@HEYO Hi, you can turn brush outlines in the preferences. go to the menu EDIT > PREFERENCES > GENERAL > and tick the checkbox for “dotted outlines” then you’ll be able to see this.

Please not that tool cursor enhancements tend to improve lag for the software, it’s a tradeoff between performance and flexibility, but you can enable them.

There’s also an option to allow you to dinamycally change the brush size on canvas. You can enable it in the TOOLS section. It’s called Brush Quick Sizing.

Also as @Prismaticette mentioned we are already aware of the need of shape tools, but this requires the vector engine to be fixed. Unfortunately due to the nature of these volunteer powered projects I can’t provide you with a rough estimate of implementation, but hopefully the vector engine will be worked on this year to set the foundation to implement other tools that depend on it.