I need hotkeys for line width. At least 3 maximum 5. 4 would be perfect

When drawing, it is really annoying not being able to use some predefined line widths.

A thick outline is needed and one or two thinner lines at least for eyes and nose.

This would speed up drawing very much.


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@FraFraFrankenstone Thanks to your post I finally read through every optional hotkey and I was very surprised that Pencil2D doesn’t have a increase/decrease hotkey for current tool width.

On the positive side, I found out I can rotate the canvas :smiley: (I just assumed the feature wasn’t there).

Though I can understand that a predefined set of line widths with hotkeys might be a bit too specific for devs to add anytime soon (since I’m sure there is a big list of features and bug fixes being worked through), I really think a simple +1 and -1 set of hotkeys for tool width would aid in Pencil2D being more feature complete and aid in general workflow.


@FraFraFrankenstone @Kalaherty I’ll confess that I miss such commands as well when working.

Currently you can only increase or decrease the drawing tools width with a, sort of experimental, feature called Quick sizing

To enable it you have to go to Edit > Preferences > Tools > Enable Quick sizing

This has been a part of the software for a long time, but sometimes is a bit spazzy since you need to increase the size near the center of the screen or the brush size will go from 0 to 100 in a millisecond; which is why is turned off by default.

Thank you both for your comments, hope fully this can be implemented at a later date.


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