I need help with something

Let’s just say my laptop is getting slower. It’s 4 GB RAM and it’s getting older. It’s aging like milk. I’m in the process of making a whole animated series, and it’s not a good time for it to get slow. I’ve deleted large files, scanned it, etc. It’s just getting slower. Let’s just say I purchase a new PC- what would be the best ways of transferring my files from this PC to that PC? I use USB typically as it is the easiest option. Do I just copy/paste/send the .pcl files and folders to the USB and transfer them via that way to the new PC?

I appreciate it in advance.

There is no special way you need to copy Pencil2D files. However if you are using the pcl format you need to make sure you copy the .pcl and all of the .data folder, and that these two things are kept in the same directory, otherwise you will not be able to open your projects.

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