I made an animation

Hi. i’m fairly new to animation, and lately i’ve studied 3-d animation, but i’m more interested in 2-d animation.

As I am poor and have grown fond of pencil2d, I wish to continue to animate in pencil for the future. I was on a very strict time budget for that animation unfortunately. the lip syncing and such was a bit difficult since the computer I was using lagged a bit, not sure if it was the system or the program itself. I’m also a bit new to programming as well. and i’ll take my bet with the system being slow.

@meleeman Nicely done! 3D has it’s place for sure, but hand drawn animation has a kind of “warmth” that but a few other techniques come close to that.

I think the audio was nicely synced and the staging was nice as well. Keep up the good work.

Hopefully we can continue to improve the program so people can focus more on the animation aspect of a project and less on the program itself, cheers :slight_smile:

You had a budget!?

…All joking aside, I haven’t actually tried doing audio with the recent builds of Pencil, but last I knew, it didn’t have streaming audio where you could play the audio at any frame of your animation. Has this type of functionality been discussed on the forum yet?

I haven’t checked in in a while.

@connors We still don’t. Lol. I mean the software has the technical capability to do it, but it was disabled in recent versions meanwhile we’re looking into binding a proper video & audio library for Pencil2D to become more powerful and allow you to import & export movies. In the download version for Windows (0.5.4b) you still can hack sound to work with the previous library though.

Since you’ve been out for a while we now have a FAQ and a Tutorials Page which you can visit here respectively:



Glad to see you around again! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! I tried the Qt sound plugin with version 0.5.4b and it’s a useful feature although imperfect… I’m excited to see what you’ve done with newer versions.