I lost my project

So today, I was working on a project. It was a simple trailer for my channel. I finished it, and was exporting it when my computer crashed. I got back on, opened it up, and it said that it had saved my project. I was relieved, though upon clicking it, Nothing happened. The project didn’t load up or save back. I couldn’t fix it. I did read the FAQ, But that didn’t really help. I am also new to the community, so that’s why my account is so new. I really appreciate it!

@GiftedLicense35 Hi. First off sorry to hear you lost your work. It has happened to all of us even with commercial software, so I really understand the frustration that builds because of this.

In the case of Pencil2D there are levels of preparedness you have to fulfil to recover work.

You mention you read the FAQ, but did you read and follow this guide?

I ask this because it’s the same steps we would take to recover a file if we were in the same situation, and unfortunately a big chunk of them can only be taken on the host computer (yours).

Regarding prevention steps for future work you’d have to read point #1 & #2. Stuff to keep in mind. What matters most is learning from this, so here is some advice:

  1. Crashing, Blackouts, and fortuitous events can happen unexpectedly. Always make sure to have extra backup copies of your work (i.e more than a single file), regardless of software used.

  2. If you ever saved your work on a file at least once, there should be a Pencil2D file lying around. Please share this file with us. We will take the steps found in point #5 of the guide. FYI You probably can’t upload the Pencil2D file here due to being a new user, so use a cloud hosting service. There are free ones like www.wetransfer.com

  1. If you follow the recovery guide above you will get to a place in your computer that holds temporary work files for many things, including Pencil2D.

    The idea is that you visit the folder and look for anything that resembles your work. If there’s something there you need to attempt recovery from your computer.

    Please read the guide carefully and follow steps 3 and 4.

  2. Be mentally prepared to have lost your work. I say this not to make you feel sad but because unfortunately we have no control over what happens in anyone’s specific computer.

    There are so many ways a project can go bad that it’s impossible (and unrealistic) to expect perfect recovery in these situations, so it’s important to ready yourself and expect the worst, but keep working until you’ve exhausted all potential solutions.

For now i’ll wait for you to upload the file and try out the recovery guide. After that I’ll suggest other software to try out if you’re dissatisfied with Pencil2D even though crashes can occur with every app out there, at least the prevention tips should help in your future work. Good luck.

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