I just recently downloaded the program, and there's a huge bug.

You guys know that little bar near the end of the application? Well, that little bar went under my task bar on my laptop, so I cannot move it back up…what now?

(This is the little bar I’m talking about)

The little bar thingy.


@chriasi Hi, thank you for contacting us. For some reason the image is not loading, how about taking a screenshot using the snapshot tool accesory from windows and trying to upload it to imgur.com ?

Also would you mind letting us know which version of Pencil2D you are using right now? To know which version you have you can go to menu Help > About

You’ll see a popup which will display the necessary information.

Meanwhile, did you try reseting the windows layouts? to do so you can go to menu View > Reset Windows , this option will at least ensure that any panel that was undocked will go back to the original layout.

For now without further information I’m afraid I can’t be of more assistance, so I’ll be waiting for your response to try and help you further.