I just discovered Pencil 2d. I've always wanted to animate, this is super great.

He’ll never get there

@aherrrn Welcome to the Pencil2D forums aherrrn. We’re glad that you’re having fun with Penci2D, remember that if you have any issues you can comment on this forum so hopefully one of our members can solve it for you.

Aside from this, if you want to share videos I’d like to ask you to post youtube video links if possible as they become embedded and are easier to view. This is because we have many spammers and right now your post almost could pass off like spam. You can also post images directly if you have the link which you can upload to imgur.com for a quick and simple way to show it.

Just as a precaution, I’ll advice everyone here not to open the link you posted until you answer back and explain what it is exactly you’re linking. Thank you for understanding and happy animating.

Hey sorry It’s been a while since I first posted. The animation is just of walking and the link takes you to google drive. Here is the same link. Actually I put a torso in the animation since. @morr Thanks for the concern, and I’ll keep transparency in mind next time.