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I am using Windows 10, and I installed the latest 64-bit version of Pencil 2D. I have a problem that whenever I animate something, all the frames, after a minute, change from what I made to all the layers being in the center. Here is a video which explains the problem.

Thanks for sharing the video, it helps us to get to the bottom of things much quicker. This is an interesting problem that I believe is actually the result of a misunderstanding of how the move tool works combined with a caching bug which is well known to us in the latest stable version of Pencil2D.

So basically, when you make a selection a move it, you should imagine that selection floating above your frame. The selection does not actually get written to your frame until you press enter or deselect the selection. So when you’re moving it bit by bit without applying the transformation, then what you end up with is all the frames as the same except for the end frame where you deselected your drawing. The reason why it looks like it’s working briefly is because there is a caching bug where effectively you’re seeing the frames as they were last displayed, not as they they actually are. When you change the active layer, it discards this cache and you see the frames as they are actually written.

The current best way for you to do this is probably to put the car on it’s own frame then:

  1. Duplicate the frame.
  2. Select the car with the select all shortcut Ctrl+A.
  3. Move it with the move tool.
  4. Press enter to apply the selection.
  5. Rinse and repeat.

I know the behavior of the selection not being applied when duplicating the frame is a little bit unintuitive, we will probably change that at some point. Other actions such as moving to a different frame or starting playback will trigger a warning dialog about this, but creating new keyframes and duplicating keyframes were overlooked when we implemented this.

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