I have a couple of ideas

I was wondering if you could add some pre-made animations to edit and also a voice over feature because I use Pencil2D to make cartoons and it is quite difficult finding editing software to do voiceovers in. Also could you add a dark theme because the current theme hurts my eyes.

Hi @eee,

Dark theme is not possible currently, in the development environment we use.

For voice-overs you’d need a recording software, and my recommandation would be Audacity, which is easy to use and cross-platform. We have no plans on making a recording feature in Pencil2D.

I’m not sure what you’d use pre-made animation for. The reason we make Pencil2d is that you can do your own animations.

The reason I would like a voiceover feature is because I cannot find an editing software to combine the audio and animation.

My preferred ediding software is Kdenlive, but that is Linux only. For windows I use ShotCut, which is cross platform.

Both are free

Not sure if this helps, but you can add audio when you add a sound layer.

David, I do not know how to use the voiceover feature on ShotCut. Pencil, I have not got a feature to add a sound layer.

I don’t know the voice-over feature i ShotCut either, @eee. I use Audacity for all recording stuff. Audacity is free and cross-platform.

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