I HATE the bugs

REALLY I need help.
I’m working in a multi animator project, PMV stile. But, I can’t do it good, because the program can’t my 80 frames animation into video or gif. Please, help me, I’m too estressed, and I need to fix this to make my animation.

@Mimikyu007_OwO I’m not sure what to tell you. If you can’t export the files because your computer hangs out or something, share me a link of your PCLX file (upload it on google drive or dropbox if you want) and i’ll export them for you gladly, for free, just to help you out.

It happens that when Pencil2D or any other software getting laggy on export it is unfortunately a hardware problem 99% of the time :slightly_frowning_face:

The following is my personal and professional advice and it has nothing to do with the Pencil2D project, but I’m giving it because I don’t like to see people getting frustrated with this kind of stuff.

If Pencil2D or any other program is not working properly for you, then set out to try out a different program.
Here’s a list we compiled that has about every animation software you can try. Some are free, some are easy. Some are used by pros. https://pencil2d-software.tumblr.com/post/184584013311/alternative-desktop-animation-software-pencil2d

I’m only only free today (Sunday Sep 1st) so let me know if you want me to export your work for you.

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Also please make sure you are using the latest version of Pencil2D (v0.6.4). You can find the version in the top menu Help > About… There were issues with movie exporting in the past, but there should be no issues with exporting in this version.

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Oh, ok. Mmmmm… Hey, I can’t put here my pclx archive! The forum doesn’t let me!

@Mimikyu007_OwO You can zip the pclx file and try to upload it, but otherwise use a free cloud storage service if you can.

There is Google Drive, Dropbox, mega.nz, wetransfer.com

Mmmm, Ok. I’m triyng…
Here is:

@Mimikyu007_OwO Edit: Sorry can you make the file public? I can’t seem to download it

To make the file public, right click the file on your google drive, press the “copy share link” option and it will let you share the link so anyone can download it, in this case me.

Edit2: You should have gotten a request for permission from Pencil2D. Please provide access to it so I can get access to the file through their account.

Once I download, I’ll export GIF’s, movies and an image sequence so you can use another program in case you want to continue your animation elsewhere. Give me 30 minutes.

I cannot do that that you say, I don’t know how …

mmmmmmm… I changed who can see the file. Can you see now?

Not yet. I asked that the Pencil2D account requested permission for the file, you should get a notification to the associated email (this process is automatic, we won’t know what is your email)

I can’t upload files yet…

This is how you share the link, it must say “Anyone with the link can view”

Oooooooooooooooooooooh, OK… Thaaaaanks!
Here is…:

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@Mimikyu007_OwO Sigh it still asks for permissions :confused:

Can’t you upload it to wetransfer? you can create an anonymous link and it will be deleted in 1 week, here’s how.

OK, here is:

@Mimikyu007_OwO Hmm I got the file, I see your layers are in spanish…by any chance is your interface also in spanish?

If it is, I think I know what is the problem in the first place. There’s a bug where exporting with the spanish interface will not add the format to the filename.

To fix this when you write the name of the file during export you have to explicitly put the filename at the end. For example:

myAnimation -> myAnimation .mp4

In the case of a GIF it would be the same, look at this image, the extension in red is waht needs to be typed next to the name.

Try that and let me know if it works for you so you can continue exporting with Pencil2D for future projects.

Either way here’s the link to the movie and the GIF as I promised. Good luck!


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Oh, soo much thanks. Yes, my interface is in Spanish because I talñ that language. Yes, it has problems with th names but that’s all. Other thing, my computer haves linux operative system, so, I don’t understand so much what are you doing in that screenshot.
Thanks for the help!