I dont know how to make an animation

Where’s the stupid create button on this thing?!?!

@Wolfamations Hi, welcome to the forum. Judging from your message, in the off-chance that you’re not trying to troll the moderators then let me answer seriously.

Animation is a visual illusion caused by playing several pictures in sequence at a speed fast enough that it fools your brain to think there’s movement.

Pencil2D is a digital tool aimed for the creation of hand-drawn animation, where you are required to draw every picture that is part of the animation.

Creating animation by hand is of course a lot of work and it’s meant only for people that have the artistic aspirations to become a classical animator in the digital age we live in.

That said Pencil2D It’s not an automatic animation app. There are certainly programs that make the creation of modular & puppet animation easier, but this isn’t the focus of Pencil2D.

Besides there isn’t a single program in this world that has an actual “automatic” animation button that does everything for you, most of the memes around it are sarcastic in nature, so if someone convinced you of that, I’m afraid they pulled a prank on you.

There are however programs that perform what is known as motion capture like those used by Virtual Youtubers. But motion capture is not animation, it’s just recording someone’s movements and applying them in real time to a drawn or 3D puppet

Now, if you want to make this kind of “animation” more easily try to look for software like:

  1. Adobe Character Animator (Motion capture animation software | Adobe Character Animator)
  2. Realillusion’s Cartoon Animator (Cartoon Animator - 2D Animation Software for Practical Use)
  3. Live2D Cubism (https://www.live2d.com/en/download/)

Note that any software that promises to make animation faster and easier will probably have a price tag attached, so be careful when you’re trying them out.

Also those apps will most likely have a moderately advanced setup, so be prepared to watch a lot of tutorials.

Good luck.

p.s. Here’s a GIF of a software we all would love to get on our hands… /s animate_button_lorax

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