I do not understand what's going on when I export this Pencil2D project?

This is the Pencil2D project.

Test-2.pclx (2.7 KB)

This is the .GIF file when exported.


The project only works when I insert a Camera frame for every frame in the animation!

I’ve now thought about what I was trying to do, with Pencil2D in this instance and developed a “Work Around”!

The resulting .PCLX file is listed below.

The “work around” works for both bitmapped and vector images.

Test-4.pclx (4.1 KB)

The “proof of the pudding” the .GIF output file!


You cannot reverse the frame sequence in the output file, a .GIF by using the using the the reverse XX in the Edit, Selection menu if the image is not a bitmapped image.

Test-5.pclx (12.9 KB)


PS I then noticed that the reverse selection XX or YY is in the View menu. Also, these Pencil2D projects were produced on a computer running under Windows 7 Pro! I haven’t tried this “work around” on a computer running either Windows 10 or 11?

I’ve just noticed that the vector animation runs slightly faster than the bitmapped one, under Windows 7 Pro, but not when viewed on my phone!

Thank God that when using Pencil2D that the artist can use “work arounds” to get the desired results. This takes effort, both analytical and manual. Users of accounting packages, like Horizon, in the UK Post Office cannot use “work arounds”!