I developed hatred towards drawing hands


Hands. They are awful.

I should have chosen stick figures.

Have procrastinated a lot. Didn’t bother drawing hands properly. Hands are just the worst.

oof :frowning:

I can relate :frowning:

I hear the reason drawing hands is such a pain to most people is because they see hands so often in real life, that they never look perfect like they want them to be.

Good luck!

agree! also with eyes!

That’s actually really good fluid animation you got there though. However I might disagree- maybe animating hands, yes, but drawing them I find no problem (most of the time)

I might be in the minority

@Ralmon Hi. Thank you for sharing your work! I think you did well so far. Drawing hands is one of those topics every artist gets wrong when they start because they are very expressive, hence hard to draw adequately.

The best advice I can give is to:

  1. Use explicit reference of how you want the hand to look.
  2. Copy it with your eyes and draw what you see (no tracing over)
  3. Then draw it again but this time studying to understand how and why it looks a certain way depending of your point of view.
  4. Then draw it one more time from your mind to see how much you really understood the hand in that specific pose or set of poses.

Everyone has to do this, there are no shortcuts and even pro artists will tell you how difficult they feel it is to draw hands, so one just has to sit down and do this procedure until it’s ingrained on your muscles and brain.

Some people also think of drawing mittens first, others draw wedged boxes, others draw lopsided circles with sausages. I have a pocket mirror to draw my opposite hand through it when I’m drawing my dominant hand on paper for example.

These shorthands will come to you when you get why the hand looks a certain way in a certain POV and draw them until you’re bored :sweat_smile: Best of luck!

If you hadn’t told us of your problem with drawing hand I wouldn’t have noticed. It’s not the quality of each drawn frames that’s king, its the overall Impression of movement & the combination of the drawings that either captures the viewer or puts them off.

I think you should strive to improve your hand drawings, but not be too harsh about these drawings.