I created an animation

Hi! I am newbie to animating and Pencil2D. I created an animation in Pencil2D. I want improve my skills with animating and this software. Thanks Pencil2D developers!



Smooth bit why doed it look pixelated :sweat_smile:

Answer is simple, artstyle.


Wow i’ve neva heard abt pixelated art style. I think its because of the resolution u drew on not because of art style and drawing with mouse oftens adds to the issue or u turned off anti aliasing

If that’s the art style you would like to pursue, by all means, do!


Pixel Art. Very common in indie video games. Old video games are practically just that.

This style has started to gain popularity this time and it pops up now and then in various media.

[ Wreck It Ralph ] When Can I See You Again HQ (Ending Credits with lyrics) - YouTube

There are professional pixel artist out there who create awesome work in this style.

Actually, I dont call it “Pixel art”. I call “Pixellated art” to this artstyle.

That is its “technical” name. It is what the art world, or the people who work with this, has called it.