I closed the tools bar, but now I cant find them

I just downloaded the program, and I was messing around with it, and suddenly all the functions are gone, and even after deleting the file and redownloading it, but nothing seems to change. What should I do?

@ilik3ducks Hi, welcome to the forum. Thank you for asking here first. Pressing the (X) button will close the every panel that has this.

To bring it back you have two options:

  1. Go to the topbar menu > Windows > Reset Windows this should bring any closed panel back.
  2. In the same menu look for the panel that is turned OFF and then turn it back ON by clicking on it. It should have a checkbox applied :ballot_box_with_check:

The reason it’s not working out after redownloading is because Pencil2D is a semi-portable program which can run without installation but it keeps the settings stored locally in the computer to avoid user experience issues.

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