I can't open Pencil2D, please help

Hello, I can’t open Pencil2D becouse program not find “MSVCP140.dll” and “VCRUNTIME140.dll”. I don’t know what i must doing to open a program. On the Pencil2d’s download web i finded a help message “msvcp140.dll is missing - Double click and install vcredist_x64.exe or vcredist_x86.exe inside the Pencil2D folder”, but idk how to install “vcredist_x64.exe” or second program. Additionally on this message writes nothing to program “VCRUNTIME140.dll”. Please help :pleading_face:

@_EpicPolak Hi there’s a pinned topic that answers this, and it’s also answered in the troubleshooting section on the download website.

This is a problem with your Windows installation which is missing key components. Unfortunately It’s a very common problem with new installations or installations that never use windows update because “reasons”.

Anyway, vc_redist.exe comes bundled in the Pencil2D ZIP download and when you extract the files it’s in the Pencil2D folder where you run the application, just look for it.

You can also download it from the official Microsoft website, look for the pinned topic for more info on that:

To isntall it is recommended to right click the file and use the Run as administrator option. If you are not the admin or main owner of your computer, ask your parents, teachers, boss or system admin for the password. Otherwise it might fail.

In the event you get an error saying Error 0x80070666 - Another version of this product is already installed you need to uninstall any Redistributable that’s older than the one you’re trying to enter by searching for the Add or Remove Programs option in start menu (just start typing)

If you get any other error it’s a deeper problem related to your Windows configuration and we really can’t help beyond that, so you would need to submit a ticket to microsoft itself, call them by phone, or look on google for potential solutions with the specific error code.

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