I Can't Open Help

When i open it,the timeline opens,with the layers,but the other things don’t open
so i can’t draw,select colors,tools and nothing,just the timeline open i already downloaded it again,but it’s the same error. i have windows 10,and it worked before.

What version did you download?

0.5.4 beta for windows @Nicole

That version is about 4 years old, it still has a lot of bugs.
I’d say get one of the last two nightly builds, they’re not as buggy, and they have more features.
Like adding sound and exporting video.

I hope this helps <:3

But the only version downloadable is 0.5.4 Beta, can you give me the link for download to the new version?


Of course, actually it’s on the same page. I think i’ll make it bigger for future users.

The link is here:

Also I made a tutorial to learn how to download and “install” it on windows, just in case:

Hope this helps.

@Jose Moreno , Thanks,it worked,but,how can i put the previous onion skin,to just show the previous? because it’s showing all the frames

And to remove the shadow on the tools,

Try edit>preferences. :3

@damagemaximo Hey. I don’t quite understand your point about tool shadows, but you can change the tools for “precise” icons.

For the onion skin yes, you can have only one either before or after. You can enable the onion skin on the display panel and configure it on the preferences window.

Hope this helps.

p.s. The “onion skin” button above the timeline is used to allow you to use the onion skin on keyframes spaced apart (relative) or next to each other (absolute)

Thanks @JoseMoreno , one day i will became really good at drawing and be a good animator thanks to pencil 2d, (Oh,and the “shadow” on the Tools was the smoothing,but i already found how to disable and enable again,but i’m really thankful for you help with the onion skin btw :slight_smile:

Srry for my English, i think there’s errors .-.

@damagemaximo Your englssh is fine, english is my second language so I’m not “offended” hehe :slight_smile:

I’m glad we could help you a bit at least. Hope we can see your works in the future! be sure to share them here or if you want there’s also a tumblr blog hosted here: pencil2d-software.tumblr.com where you can submit your work.

If you really want to learn animation and proper figure drawing I can recommend some youtube channels to start like:

AMB animation Academy: https://www.youtube.com/user/eubasaban The Art of Aaron Blaise: https://www.youtube.com/user/AaronBlaiseArt

To learn drawing the human figure for real you can visit Proko’s YT channel:

He’s got a lot of content so i recommend browsing his website library to see the recommended watching order: http://www.proko.com/library

The advantage of these three is that they have lots of free content to learn from as well as premium (paid) content if you get serious about learning in the future. Also both three are great instructors.

Wish you well!