I can't hear anything!

Well, um, i didn’t have this problem before but now, when i imported a sound file and tried to check my animation along with said audio file, it doesn’t sound anything at all.
I’m using the latest version btw.
plez help :c (also sorry if my english is bad, it’s not my first language)

@blehbleh Please try with a different sound in WAV format to rule out the possibility of a software or hardware issue.

Pencil2D only accepts for now WAV and MP3 files, but mp3 files sometimes come codified in a way that Pencil2D cannot playback.

If you want you can also upload the file and paste a link to it here so we can take a look to see if it’s a problem that occurs on your computer or if the file has a problem itself.

Also please mention what is your current Operating System.

Do you use head phones///speaker because if so that might be why they might be broke but im not sure :stuck_out_tongue: