I cannot save anywhere but one drive and I DO NOT HAVE ONE DRIVE

its so frustrating whatever I do it always wants to save in one drive and I press export and it saves no where because I do not have one drive… So basically I am unable to export a simple jpg its driving me mad… such a simple thing to require and its just infuriating

@jmand This is classic windows (mis)behavior, particularly the one drive thing.

Pencil2D will save wherever you tell it to save it … you have to browse to the appropriate folder in the image sequence export dialog.

However if you’re telling that Windows is forbidding you to even do that, then that’s a major issue on their end I’m afraid.

I honestly can’t provide much advice without looking at your particular obstacles so here’s a run down of how I would approach getting around windows’ file structure potential issues.

For example if I got a warning saying “the folder you tried to save does not exist pick a different one” I would go to **File > Export > Image Sequence > Browse Button > **

And would get this pop-up window on Windows 10

What I’d do, is to click on an empty spot on the address bar like this:

Then input manually the folder structure address or even change it to something like “Desktop” if it’s available in the list options.

Then press ENTER / RETURN or the right arrow (highlighted red)

And then press SAVE and try to export.

IF you try this out, does it still fail? if so then how ? can you send pictures?

Now I also want to ask some important things

  1. Do you have the latest Pencil2D version? (0.6.6)
  2. What windows version are you using?
  3. Is this problem a first time thing? Or has it been happening for all the files you’ve ever worked on?
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hi this is very helpful you are most kind :slight_smile: I think it was saving where I was located but for some reason always says its in one drive and keeps defaulting back to this whatever I do… My PC kept thinking I was using one drive even when I unlinked my PC 100 times… I now have uninstalled onedrive but yeah still it lingers on my pc… I hate it hahah why OS are so stubborn to include their awful proprietary apps haa

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