I can’t import sound

sorry i know someone has reported this already , but im new to animations and i was told this is the best for beginners … but i can’t import sound which is a little too important to forget about and the i saw the last message was june … sorry but is there anything i can do for the main time ?

I’v got exactly the same problem.
When I try to import a sound, the software crash.
I work on mac pro with this version :

Pencil2D 0.5.4 beta for Mac OS X

Thanks for your help,

and sorry for my poor english ^^.

I can’t hear the sound when I imported a wav and mp3 sound. I’m using 0.5.4 version. But when I use 0.4.4, I can hear wav sound.

I wanna hear the sound so I can do lip syncing.

Have a look at this post : A few problems and a few solutions

Have a look at this post : A few problems and a few solutions

My question is: It’s impossible to rename the sound folder with the code C:\Qt\4.8.5-VC2010\ because it’s not possible to name a folder with the : or \ characters.What do I wrong?

@aardman246: C:\Qt\4.8.5-VC2010</strong> is computer terminology for the path to the folder.


C:</strong> means it’s in the drive C, typically the primary Hard Disk Drive where Windows is installed in. You will find it if you click “My Computer” in the Start Menu.


Each part separated by the “</strong>” symbol is a folder inside of which you will find the next part. So, once you are in drive C, you will have to find a folder named “Qt”, and inside that folder you will find a folder named “4.8.5”. Rename that folder into “4.8.5-VC2010” and it should work.


Hope I helped. :slight_smile:


(I would edit my original post to make it a bit more clear, but the EDIT button is not there for some reason. :-/ )

Piggy, thanks for your clear answer, but I can’t find the folder “4.8.5-VC2010”
only a file with the name “changes-4.8.5” but if I changes this in the code name
“4.8.5-VC2010” I still cant hear the sound layer.

By the way, thanks for the great help because the video layer is working oke!

@aardman246: The file you see is inside the folder you want to rename. The folder, I assume, is currently named 4.8.5. Just rename that folder to 4.8.5-VC2010 and it should work. :slight_smile:


If you renamed the file changes-4.8.5 into something else, don’t forget to give it its original name back just to be sure it will not cause any problems in the future. :slight_smile:

I seem to be the first to experience this issue here.

I’ve done everything said:

  • Installed ‘qt-win-opensource-4.8.5-vs2010.exe’

  • Renamed ‘C:\Qt\4.8.5’ to ‘C:\Qt\4.8.5-VC2010’

but when I play back my audio in the program, the audio has multiple issues…

  1. It stutters every 1 second.

  2. It sometimes echoes along with the stutter.

I’m running 64-bit Windows 7. Please, Piggy, what did I do wrong?

I have the same issue too (Win7(64)), but in my case it stutters at 60th frame.

I have the same problem on mac. My question is: Is the .dmg in the link the same thing only for mac? I could fix it from there. (No one’s posted here lately… But it’s still worth a shot.)

Hey guys,

Sorry to be a bother, but I recently just started using Pencil2D and the sound won’t import as well. I have used the links provided and downloaded everything, but I can’t find C:\Qt\4.8.5. I have searched for hours. I use an apple computer, so yeah. Please help. :c

I know this thread hasn’t been active for a while, but I would still like to give it a try. I have the same exact problems as aardman, and I use a mac. I’ve downloaded the link, renamed it (it shows as one file, not in a folder), but nothing happened? Please help!

@sp00nful_0f_sugar Hey, welcome to Pencil2D forums. Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with this. Like many before you allow me to say that right now sound in Pencil is “possible” in WINDOWS but it’s not accessible without tinkering with the program. If you want to try a step by step way please visit this thread:


If you don’t have windows but MAC, I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient as our devs are working fixing critical bugs so the software becomes usable, and plugin issues will come next, which include sound.

If you don’t feel bothered by using more than one app to create your animation I can recommend the following workflow:

Use blender (www.blender.org) and set up your pencil animation in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor. It’s really easy just importing your animation as a PNG sequence in one track, and importing sound in another will allow you to preview your animation with sound. If you make changes in pencil and re-export the frames over the previous ones those will update over blender by pressing a button, so you can go back and forth and animate rather quick while having audio on a second app.

Someone else asked about this so I might do a tutorial with this process if you guys are interested. Sorry we can’t help you more than this, good luck with your animation!


Yes please if you only have time, it would be helpful to see that as a tutorial. I would even be interested in seeing a tutorial where you have seperate animation layers (eg. different moving characters) brought to gether in one scene. Doesn’t need to be big and fancy just something simple to explain the basic idea on how to do it.