I am unable to download Pencil2D :(

It begins to download, but then I keep getting a message that says Failed-Forbidden Anyone know how to fix this?

@Coffeeholiccat Seems like your ISP is blocking the download. In such case we really can’t provide proper support. If you want try to use a free VPN service and see if you can download it through it. I know of http://anonymouse.org, just click on the “English” flag and press the [Continue to free anonymous surfing with AnonWWW] hyperlink.

I assume you’re trying to download from the official website but just in case make sure you’re download from http://pencil2d.org/download

Please try this mirror site:

@Coffeeholiccat I would recommend being careful with VPN/proxy services as sometimes (particularly with the free ones) they modify the content by say adding popups or malware.

I’m guessing you were trying to download the stable build (v0.6.1.1). If you want this version, you can try @chchwy’s recommendation. Alternatively, and what personally recommend, is that you try and download the latest nightly build. It is hosted on a different server so you may have more luck with it, and it contains many important bug fixes.

Thank you for the replies! I had a feeling it might’ve been my vpn but wasn’t sure. I am currently downloading the nightly build, hoping all goes well.