I am so done with this animation program! half of my animation has been erased!

I have been working on an animation since July 7th, and today, when I go to open the animation, HALF OF THE FRAMES ARE BLANK!!! I basically just lost half of my hard work and my video that this animation will be in will have to be delayed indefinitely!!!

This has happened several times in the past and I AM ABSOLUTELY SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!!!

Pencil2D, get your crap together because I am never using this “animation software” again.

@152230josh Sorry to hear this has happened to you, really.

If you’ve been using an older version of the software, it is more than likely that this is the primary cause for the problem. The so called “blank frame” problem occurred in a version from 2 years ago (0.6.4). Chances are that you are using this version as it is the only logical explanation considering that problem was fixed 1 year ago and it fits your description.

Does that make it better? no, it doesn’t. It won’t bring back your work. We always recommend people to save multiple backup files despite potential improvements. And this workflow is an industry standard practice that you see in paid jobs because Animate CC and Toonboom Harmony also tend to corrupt your work from time to time, guaranteed. Does that make it better then? no it really doesn’t either.

Pencil2D is made, or better said kept alive, by volunteers for free, on their spare time. Unfortunately we can’t force people to always update or test the software thoroughly before a release, we don’t have the resources for that. The developers and us mods do test the software for common cases, but it is important to note that no matter what software you use, there’s always a chance of losing it if you’re animating thousands of drawings on a single file.

Bottom line, don’t trust any software to keep your files safe. Do what pros do, either invest in setting up a file versioning system (i’ve used SVN and GIT) or use your own operating system file versioning system (Windows has File history, MacOSX has Time machine, but you have to set them up before using them; it’s not automatic)

Here’s a list of potential animation software, both free and paid, that you could try afterwards.

Lastly try looking in the temporary file folder in case there are some files left over. You can follow this guide under step #4

Other than that good luck and I hope you can continue doing animation even if you never use Pencil2D again. Cheers.

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