Huion Tablet Pen and Handtool Problem

When I draw on my huion monitor on Pencil2D, the tool (brush, easer, pencil) gets transformed into the hand tool. I found out that when I hold down in a certain area a little circle pops up and if I don’t move out of it in time it changes into a hand tool, this makes it difficult for drawing in small areas. It doesn’t actually change in the tool bar, but the brush on the page gets turned and starts moving the canvas instead of making strokes. (The symbol also changes). I don’t know if its a setting or how to change it if it is. It works when I use my mouse and not my monitor’s pen. Thank you!

@thunder_X_storm Usually you can change to the hand tool from any drawing tool to speed up moving on the canvas, but If there’s a circle popping up I assume you are using Windows 10, and in that case it’s Windows Ink’s fault, which messes up with certain applications along with all tablet brands. There are two ways to deal with this.

  1. On your HUION drivers turn off windows ink (if there’s such options, but that depends on how new the model and the drivers are). If you experience a lack of pressure sensitivity after this, you have to modify Pencil2D.exe (the application file) Windows compatibility and change it to Windows 7. This is done in the properties for the file itself inside your Pencil2d folder.
  2. Tune in Windows Ink. To be honest we’re putting a guide for this as it’s pretty involved, but it’s not ready (and I’m not sure when it will be published). Basically you have to disable a lot of stuff on your windows settings to get rid of the dumb circles and to have all random applications that get messed up (like Pencil2D) work correctly. If you have to use this option for now take a look at this guide which should at least remove the annoying gesture
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Thank you so so much!

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