Huge bug: Pencil won't work properly, creates tons of extra lines. PLEASE HELP!

@PShooter Oh no, please don’t upgrade your computer if your financial situation doesn’t allow you to. I didn’t meant to imply you should upgrade either. Apologies if it seemed like that.

Opentoonz is also made with Qt, so is Krita, but perhaps test them and let us know if they work better for you. Maybe they have a specific way of circumventing these issues we haven’t been able to ascertain. That’s really the advantage of having a foundation backing up the project vs a group of volunteers like in our case heh :laughing:

For devs
I think Opentoonz uses Qt 5.9, but I’m not sure since for the new fork Tahoma2D, I was told they use 5.9.9

@JoseMoreno, I would if I could… I think there is a lot of newer tooling that is only for higher OS level, which would require a new mac unfortunately. I am mainly trying to make animations to put music, so the hunt for a open source program that is user friendly and easy to learn led me to Pencil2D.

If you know OpenToonz, I am using it right now, and the paint brush and paint tin, work fine, as you’d expect, with the wacom tablet and pen. The settings to change colours and sizes etc, is another matter, but that it user education thing :slight_smile:I am working on that.

With regards to Krita, I could not find a Mac download version compatible with Mac OS 10.11.6.

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@PShooter Yeah Krita had a similar issue to ours, so they went at started deprecating older OS right off the bat.

As for Opentoonz, I’ve used it, so your comment helps to shed some light on this issue.

If you want a simpler opentoonz version (in terms of UI) there’s now Tahoma2D which also comes as a portable app.

They are trying to make opentoonz more approachable and accelerate the development, which is usually supervised by a japanese team with some community exceptions.~

EDIT: Sorry I didn’t see they specifically ask for 10.13 :pensive:

Here we have a list of various alternative animation apps the simplest ones I’ve seen are the browser based WickEditor and if you want to try an alpha version before retail of a new software look for Animation Paper too which replaces the old PAP (Pencil Animation Paper, which should also work)

Thanks @JoseMoreno yes just jumped on it to have a look and * macOS 10.13 or a later version, really appreciate the time and thought though. I will have a look at the other right now. Cheers.

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@JoseMoreno, thanks for the comprehensive list of alternatives, just downloaded SketchBook and had a play in a FlipBook, looks pretty good to me. Thanks again.

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