Hows the Programming Difficulty?

I have just taken my first class in programming and did pretty well. Just wondering how advanced the programing for Pencil is and what language does it use? If it isn’t to hard maybe I could help out?

Hi @soulsfanatic and welcome!

Pencil is written in C++ and Qt, a cross-platform GUI framework, and that’s why pencil can run on several different platforms. We don’t use very high end technologies so I believe one semester course of basic programming skills is enough to start. If you understand class, pointers well, then you are ready to develop pencil.

@soulsfanatic If you’d like to visit the developer forum, you can go to the software repository where most of the development discussion takes place.

As for C++ you can try to validate your programming new found skills with C++! They have very nice tutorials and a good learning curve.

Also has a lot of videotutorials that go from beginner to intermediate. Hope this helps, and that you can help us out even if a little! Thanks a lot :smiley: