How to Zoom While drawing

I am new to Pencil 2D. I am learning the drawing tools. I have not seen a “zoom in” for drawing like in draw programs. It would be very valuable to be able to zoom in on small areas to fix or erase as I draw.

If I miss this tool please let me know. I found the zoom for animation but that is not what I want nor am I at the point of my animation. I am starting to transfer my storyboard to this application.

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@TerryAL Hi welcome to the forum.

The “zoom” tool is actually part of the “hand” tool as in grabbing. When using the hand tool you can right click on the canvas to zoom.

You can also use the shortcuts CTRL + SPACEBAR while using your drawing tools and it will temporarily switch to the zoom mode.

Also you can use the CTRL + UP ARROW to zoom in / CTRL + DOWN ARROW to zoom out

If you’re in doubt always look at the top bar menus, they have all the important functions with their corresponding shortcuts.

Also you can remap these shortcuts by going to Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I found the zoom in tools.

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