how to use webcam

how do i use a webcam and take pictures to make my animation, pls help, i used sam animation at school and no idea how it works.

hi @gabzcool You can’t do that with Pencil, but you CAN do it with MonkeyJam which is also Free.

You can download MonkeyJam here

The email is optional. (That means you can just press the download button)

After you’ve installed Monkeyjam, make sure you have your webcam connected.

  1. Open the program.

  2. Go to the top menu bar and press <EDIT> then <Add Layer>

  3. Go to <Tools> menu. Go to <Capture> then <Video>. That will activate the proper window.

After that you can just press the button below that says “capture” to record your animation frames or stills.

When you want to playback just use the stopmotion mode (its on the same window) or press f7 to go to the Previw Mode. Bear in mind that you have to turn close the capture window to visualize the preview properly.