How to tween in Pencil2D

I saw some kind of post talking about TWEENS in animate and I am using Pencil2D as an alternative. Now I use tweens in Layers in this app but I just wanna tween so that when I finally get Adobe Animate, I’ll have experience.

Please respond within the trick working. Elsewise, you can reply with other recommended Adobe Animate alternative that simply support tweens.

Pencil2D has no (automatic) tweening feature. It is more oriented towards traditional animation where you manually do the tweening (by drawing the frame or move the shapes).


@RTFGMKLJ As Ralmon kindly answered there are not layer tweens yet. Only the Camera layer has tweening for now.

To be fair there’s simply no current free software comparable to Adobe Flash / Animate in regards to usability and easy-of-use tweening functionality. Only commercial choices available can compare.

That said I’ll list some free animation apps that you can test and see which one might help in your animation endeavors.

  • Opentoonz / Tahoma 2D (tweening is not interactive, so changing a drawing will not update the tweens easily AFAIK)
  • Tupitube Desk (Lacks better drawing tools)
  • Synfig (hard, if not impossible to draw freehand, tweens exist but are hard to use at first. IMO reminds me of Moho, commercial app)
  • Blender (w/ Grease Pencil object. Tweening also similar to Opentoonz, as in not interactive. Has a lot of interface and productivity problems for animators used to Flash)

Good luck with your testing. If I remember others I’ll add them here. Cheers.


I’ve tried Blender before. It is hard to animate or do stuff :[

Yeah, Blender is hard. It is far more technical in its use.

My old cheap computer also can’t be pushed far.

I used it for creating 3D models and once tried to create a 3D animation with it. Can’t do much with my old computer though.

Still, you will get immense gratification if you keep at it.

If you really just want to try tweening, Synfig is the closest you can get.

Opentoonz/Tahoma 2D actually have tweening features but is less intuitive. They are really more like Pencil2D and are more geared towards traditional animation so the less traditional features are kinda hidden.

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