How to turn .pcl into a set of images

Hello again Pencil2D Community,
Last time I visited the forums, I asked how to export my animation in Pencil2D, so I could turn it into a video and upload it to my Vimeo channel.

Now, I have a friend of mine who also does videos, and he wants the frames I used for my animation, and I have yet to know how do I send the images to him, and I’m seeking a answer here for now.

File -> export -> image sequence

@abisert Hey, It’s just as Matt said, you can go to File > Export > Image Sequence. You could export as JPEG so it will export the white background.

I recall I answered to you with a similar request before, and you should be able to use the same tutorial I linked last time, to export the sequence of images / frames into a folder. Then you can create a compressed ZIP file to send over to your friend.

Just in case this is the tutorial direct link, the part you need go from 0:00 to around 2:40