How to put my animation on my website?

Can i generate html code as an output of my animation on pencil2D? I want to make an animation and then put on my webpage. It should run on mobile browsers too, so it would be best to generate html code. Thank’s in advance.

You can just put a youtube video here. Or just put a video link here.

I think he was asking about how to export from Pencil2D into a format that can be put on his website, including the html.

Pencil2D doesn’t write HTML…you’ll need to find that yourself, and write or copy/paste some html. For example try the w3schools website:

As far as the video itself, Pencil2D is sadly having some problems in that area. I would recommend exporting png frames and loading those into a video editor to create whatever video format you’d like.

@mikshaw Oh sorry! My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

@victor I recommend you to use Blender for video editing. But you can use whatever you want.

In blender, all you gotta do is select all exported pictures and import them. Set an appropriate FPS. And then export it into a video.