How to only edit one frame at a time

how do i only edit one frame without changing frames before and after, i have been trying to animate but it would change stuff for every frame and its very frustrating can someone please help?

I’m not sure what you mean.

If you draw something on frame 1, moves the red marker (the scrubber) to frame 2, and it still edits frame 1, then you should either

(1) Add a keyframe on frame 2 by pressing the ‘+’ button right above the timeline, or

(2) Go to Edit-> Preferences -> Timeline, and choose what to do, when you draw on an empty frame. The default choice is to continue drawing on the previous keyframe (as I remember it)

well, bassically if i were to edit something on frame 3 it would edit it on frame 1 2 3 and 4 and it gets very annoying when i try to animate, well i try to paste something it gets pasted onto every other frame so for example i copy something from frame 1 and paste it to frame 3 it will paste to every other frame, i dont know if this happens with drawing but it does with copying and pasting

In your timeline, on frame 1, there is a small, gray box. This box indicates that there is a keyframe. You can only draw on keyframes. If you move to frame 2, without making a new keyframe on frame 2, it will keep drawing on keyframe 1, and so on.

Please notice the difference between ‘frame’ which is more or less a number on the timeline, and ‘keyframe’ which is like a drawing you can draw on.

oh ok i will try and see if that works thanks alot yes that worked perfectly sorry if i explained bad at first

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