How to move more than a single layer in synchrony

This is a simple idea, which is a work around, the fact that in Pencil2D you cannot select more than a single layer to operate on.

Move_Layers.pclx (7.2 KB)

If you load the above pclx file there are 2 vector layers. Don’t be confused, this technique can equally by used with several bitmapped layers.

You draw a shape in this case a cross on the top layer. Then duplicate the frame using the duplicate button. Delete the other shape on the duplicated frame, leaving the cross. Copy the cross using the copy command and then change layers and paste the cross.

You can then select and move each layer, using the cross to make sure that they both line up correctly.

You can see the results by exporting the result as an mp4 file. Note I’ve added extra frames are required to allow the result to be displayed.

I hope this is useful ad inspiration.