How to : Move Layers/Frames ?

Can anyone advise me on how to move individual Bitmap frames/layers without moving all the following/previous frames/layers. I am working on a walk cycle made up of 8 PNG files created in photoshop. Currently the character is walking across the page left to right. I want to create a walk that remains in the same spot, moving the background to create the movement. Each time I try to move one layer/frame all the other layers/frames move at the same time. The black circle which selects all layers is not activated and all 8 frames/layers are on the same bitmap layer. Thanks

I think you might have to add keyframes (duplicate)to the back ground and use the selection tool to move it. It’s a bit of a struggle. But if your mooving it all it might be that your just changing the general view of the scene.
Or you could do the character crossing the scene and move the camera layer to stay centered on it.

Hope it helps!

Thanks loads for your reply Luke. I am yet to attempt working with the camera layer so will give your suggestion a try. May I ask, regardless of the background, the 8 seperate drawings that make up my 2 step walk cycle are on the same bitmap layer represented by 8 seperate frames. Can I not move the position of each frame on the same bitmap layer without all other frames moving? i.e if i had a png image of say a ball which i copied 8 times on the same bitmap layer, can I not move each layer/frame indipendently so when it plays back it creaes movement?.. Kind regards, Jurado

When I say move the position of each frame I mkean visualy, not on the bitmap timeline :0)

Yes of course you can!
But the hand tool is not what you will want. It’s more like a : where am i looking on my workspace. It could go with the zoom. its just your point of view on the work in progres.

What you want is a little tricky in pencil. It is selecting your drawing with the selection tool (v hotkey) and then move it with the move tool (Q). You can also scale with the move tool!!!

Luke you are a legend!!! I can now achieve the exact results I required support with, thank you !!! After moving each frame to where I wanted they turned pink on the bitmap timeline. This has seemingly no impact on my work but is there anything I should be aware of regards this?

PS. I am ussing Pencil 4.4b as I discovered Pencil2d afterwards. Is Pencil2D more stable or better in anyway?

I never figured out how the keyframes chose color or not. I don’t think it’s really important.

Pencil2D is “alive” pencil. Pencil had no updates for ages. So pencil2D is pencil with plenty improvement! Most important i think : EXPORT WORKS!!! There is a long list of commits on the github page of the project.
Anyway you can open pencil files with pencil2D and try the new features. Your gonna love it man !