How to merge layers

Hello. I have been using pencil2D for the concept art and key visuals for my game. Currently I have my inked outline on one layer and my coloring on another layer. Is there a way to combine these layers so I can move them together?

@n00b Hi! Welcome back. Right now a feature is being worked so layers can be merged, but in the current download version of the app you can’t yet unfortunately.

Right now there are two ways I can think of as a workaround:

  1. Slow: Save your project as a separate copy in case you need to go back > CTRL + A to select everything on a specific layer & frame > CTRL + C to copy > Move down one layer at a time & CTR L+ V the top layer to the layer immediately below.

  2. Faster: Turn on / off which layers you want to see or not > Export a PNG image sequence with transparency enabled :white_check_mark: then reimport that sequence back as a new layer, effectively “merging” what’s currently visible on your canvas to work on top of that.

Let me know if that helped!

Thanks for the reply. I did end up just exporting it as a png and then re-importing it. I am looking forward to this feature getting implemented in a future release.

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