How to make the canvas bigger?

I am new to Pencil 2D, but I can’t find any option to make the canvas bigger… Where is it?

@BasToTheMax Hi, welcome to the forum. Pencil2D is slightly different than other apps. The white canvas does not have a definite size, it extends far and wide.

On top of it there’s a camera (yellow layer), which is represented by the grey layer with a center piece cutout that let’s you see the canvas through. This cutout will display the exact size of the video that you can output at 100% zoom factor.

The way you change the video size and thus the perception of the canvas being bigger or smaller, is by adjusting the camera size.

From our Discord FAQ

:pushpin: Change my camera / canvas / viewfinder size

:arrow_forward: Double click :mouse_three_button: on the [Camera Layer] :movie_camera: change width & height

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