How to make onion skins be more transparent

Thanks, Sumit and Jose. I did get some better results by following your instructions. I think I was guilty of moving the canvas rather than the object. I really appreciate your rapid response to my question.

I would like to post one other question. To see the onion skin well, I would like my copied image to be more transparent, in other words to have the white background transparent. I think that has something to do with the alpha layer, but I don’t know how to make it happen. Could you provide some further advice.

I’m trying to compose a simple stick-figure presentation to help explain and promote the children’s work we are doing here in Taiwan. Thanks so much.


@andesheng No problem, I’m glad we could help! I’ll separate my answer in three parts to try to answer your question thoroughly:

1) Please visit the following post in the FAQ live thread, as I’ve answered a similar question regarding how to change the onion skin transparency between frames:

[Updated link] Pencil 2D FAQ (now open)

It’s a detailed explanation (images included) on how to activate the onion skin through multiple means as well as where you can access the transparency properties for previous and next frames, which to me seems in part what you’re asking.

2) I’ll have you know as well that the white background in pencil2D is not actually white, in reality it is only transparent and the color is just for visualization purposes. So I would recommend you to either import a color background or create one inside pencil in a different layer.

If you need to, you can change how to visualize the default Pencil2D background by going to Edit > Preferences > General > Background > Choose one of the radial button options and you will see the canvas “transparency” change in real time.

  1. The third thing that you might need to know is that Pencil2D has a system that handles relative visibility beween layers. Here’s a short video you can see to clarify this point. It was a bit rushed because I didn’t have much time to record, but I hope you understand the concept.

Hope all of this helps to clarify your initial question.




Thanks so much. I made some more progress yesterday and have the transparency issue handled.